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Kahaniwali Nani is on a mission to provide bedtime stories for every child. She wants to recreate the art of storytelling for children who, in today’s world, are addicted to their screens. She intends to the use the very technology to provide stories like the grandmothers use to tell their grandchildren in the olden days. Now with more nuclear families in the world, this practice has reduced. Using technology she wants to share stories with every kid and generate their interest in stories, make their imaginations run wild but at the same time keep them away from the screen. For this purpose Kahaniwali Nani, Sarla Minni started this initiative to record and send audio stories over WhatsApp initially. But then the number of subscribers grew so large that WhatsApp crashed for her. So she switched to sending stories over Telegram App. She also sends stories on YouTube but without animations so that children can use their imagination and understand the story and not just the animations. Follow the links below to subscribe to her Telegram and/or YouTube channel. Each of our story shall contain only voice but no animation or special effects so that children can enjoy the story rather than the effects/animations.

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